Job Openings @ QQN
If you are interested in a job here at Qbasic News please e-mail: We are currently seeking to fill positions for these areas:

Article Writers: We are looking for some talented writers who can write at least one quality review/article a week about a specific topic in programming. Whether it be music, graphics, coding techniques, how-to lessons, etc. You must be knowledgeable in any of those areas. Each person replying for this job must write an article before they are even accepted for this position. Some HTML experience is also required but may be negotiable!

News Reporters: If you can wake up early in the morning and kick up a few news posts, we want you! In other words; we need early birds for this position. However, all news people will be considered. We need people who can find and post at least 4-5 news items each week!

Personalities: If you are funny and told you should be a comedian and know how to program in qbasic, we want you! We are looking for writers who have that certain niche to make people laugh with words and who is very outgoing. You will need to be able to write one small articles/rants on qbasic a week for this job and keep it updated at all times.
Posted by magus on Tuesday, January 30, 2001.

QPower declared dead...
Nekrophidius has announced that the QPower project has died.

"This comes after long and careful consideration of time vs demand. I no longer have any interest at all in any kind of DOS-based development outside of Darkness Ethereal, and even there I'm only doing one project and then I'm done with DOS altogether."

If you want the unfinished sourcecode, go on IRC and find Nekrophidius.

Source: Future Software
Posted by magus on Saturday, January 27, 2001.

V Planet Updates
V Planet Quickbasic Magazine has been updated. Several new articles have been added as well as a few reviews. Here is a breakdown of the new things.
Review - Dynamic, Colonization of Jupiter
Review - Soccer Shootout
Article - 2001 Gaming Gold Awards Ballot Finished!
Article - Excuse the Grammar
Posted by magus on Friday, January 26, 2001.

Hulla-Balloo Down.
Hulla-balloo is down as of right now, so that would mean that V Planet is down too. This is only temporary and hopefully will be resolved soon.

Added Jan 22/01:
Good news everyone. is back up so all of its hosted sitse work again.
Posted by magus on Saturday, January 20, 2001.

Big QBCM News
I am currently compiling issues 1 through 8, as well as the currently in progress 9, for the QBCM: First Volume Collection. It will feature an index of all articles, reviews, etc., sorted by name and author. It will also feature a program and an article not featured in any issue of QBCM! Coming February 2001!
As for issue 9 itself, it's coming along rather slowly, and looks to be small right now. So if any of you have some well written QB tutorials or anything, send them to right now.
Lastly, issue 9 is the final issue to be numbered as such. Starting in March, QBCM will use the Volume-Issue system used by so many other magazines. Remember, March 2001 is our first anniversary!
Posted by EvilBeaver on Saturday, January 20, 2001.

PONG II is Back!
After a great review by GBGames, I decided to reopen the source file for PONG II and start working on it once again. Version 1.4 is about 99% done with only the new installer missing! Coming soon! - Bud The Fish
Posted by magus on Thursday, January 18, 2001.

AVI File maker 98% complete!
Nate Gibson from Think_Tank Software here, reporting that I'm almost finished with my AVI/RIFF file maker. It will be in the form of a subroutine so it will be easy to add to any library. Once complete, QB users will be able to save sequences of bitmap files as AVI files. This will be good for making demo movies of games and so forth. It's being created mostly for my current project, FractalIS ver1.0 which will be able to make fractal zoom movies saved to AVI format. I haven't tested the limitations of this procedure yet, but once I do, there will be a report on it.
Posted by magus on Wednesday, January 17, 2001.

ADEV Network News
Im in the process of recruting an elite group of programming sites on different language topics. There are going under the name 'The ADEV Network'. So far we have Qbasic News and now Perl Coders open. There are still two more in development. C++ Coders and the VB Megasite. I will keep you informed on there progress.
Posted by magus on Saturday, January 13, 2001.

LutasArts Reappearence? back? It seems that someone from the company started it up again but this time under the company name "Optical Realities". So now we can watch the progress of Pebbaldash again! Check it out here.
Posted by magus on Thursday, January 11, 2001.

DS4QB 2!
Nethergoth released DS4QB version 2, a even better windows slave to play sounds and music of all kinds in the background of your games. Download it here!


Posted by magus on Wednesday, January 10, 2001. Updates
6 new files, 1 file updated, and 3 reposted files. Check it out here.
Posted by magus on Tuesday, January 9, 2001.

QB Start Page Stuffs...
I am thinking of making the QB Start Page something similar to, or Netcenter, or other such portals. But I am letting all you people decide whether I should or not. To do so, there's a hit counter on it. If by the end of the month there's been enough hits (showing it's used enough), then I will make the QB Start Page really cool. Otherwise, it'll stay as it is, cold and sterile. QB Start Page is at so visit it if you want something nifty.
Posted by EvilBeaver on Sunday, January 7, 2001. progress is getting worked on again! The re-opening will happen in February or March. Click here for more info!

Posted by magus on Friday, January 5, 2001.

QBCM is out...
The new issue of qbcm is out. It features some content, but little. It was alright I guess. Go check it out at here. If html doesn't work, then you can find it at ;-)
Posted by gopus on Monday, January 1, 2001.

New Server and both had a server change yesterday so the result of that some things are not working correctly yet. We are now hosted at GateNation. Things should be back to normal in a few hours. Thank you for your patience.
Posted by magus on Monday, January 1, 2001.