V!Planet updates
The V!Planet magazine is updated, it contains new articles about the new strategy gameslist, and more!
Posted by Jordan on Tuesday, October 31, 2000.

QBTimes completely available...
You can now read the latest QBTimes at QBTimes.com!

In other news, the files at Future Software have been reuploaded again.
The Q-Finder script has been updated as well.
Posted by Jordan on Tuesday, October 31, 2000.

Hulla Balloo Up
After taking a day off due to rare technical problems, QQN Affiliate Hulla-Balloo.com is back online. This means sites hosted by Hulla-Balloo, including V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine, have also come back online.
Posted by Vance on Monday, October 30, 2000.

Qb45.com server...
I finally got the password for the server back, so the site of Future Software is being reuploaded again. Some glitches were fixed and I'm now in the progress of uploading 150 MB of files...going quite well, the server is at a reasonable speed at the moment.

The bad news is that the members of the Future top 5 will have to sign up again.
Posted by Jordan on Monday, October 30, 2000.

New QQN Logo
I made a new logo for Qbasic News today. Along with it I made a halloween themed version of it. Hope you like it! The halloween version is up and you won't be able to see what the new normal will look like until Nov 1st!
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 29, 2000.

Hulla-balloo Down
The server Hulla-balloo! is on is down. This includes other sites such as V!Planet and others. Do not worry, the server will be up very soon and I apologize to everyone for this. This doesn't happen very often(It's the first one I've had in more then six months) so it's nothing to be afraid of.
Posted by Xec96 on Sunday, October 29, 2000.

New IRC Channel #qbasicnews
We have opened a new IRC channel #qbasicnews. You can get to it from any EFnet server. Come chat about qbasic and quickbasic! For information on IRC if you do not know how to use it click here. Join it today!
Posted by magus on Saturday, October 28, 2000.

QB Times Final Issue
The last issue of qb times has been released! Its issue 10 and its filled with lots of qbasic goodies. The only problem is there is a couple of broken images since there server is having problems. You can find the issue here.
Posted by magus on Saturday, October 28, 2000.

'Dream' On
Okay, you've all heard stories about QuickBASIC OSs, and everybody tries to make 'em once in their lifetime. Metacortex International is planning to release the 'Dream Operating System'. Dream is short for just that. It's what everyone would dream that an OS could be, and that's where I got the name. Okay, post message board issues/topics on this news post!! Please tell me what you think. E-mail stuff at velma@adams.net.
Posted by magus on Saturday, October 28, 2000.

PONG II will be delayed
Due to hosting issues, PONG II will no longer be available until I find a new server that allows people to download files from it's system without having to pick through the url's site. - Bud The Fish

Posted by magus on Thursday, October 26, 2000.

Qlympics '01
I just thought I would post something else on the Qlympics. Bunch of submissions have already been sent in but we need lots more of course we have lots of time but why wait till the last minute! =)
Posted by magus on Wednesday, October 25, 2000.

SubShock HQ Revamp
The SubShock site has been revamped. Check it out! Its looking really good now.
Posted by magus on Wednesday, October 25, 2000.

qbasic.com = scam
Somebody has came accross information on what happened to qbasic.com I cant tell you where or who this came from but I think its true.

Mallard had to goto college. Well it's simple enough to sell the site, but he didn't have it hosted through Network Solutions directly, plus his computer itself didn't have the power or resources to host the site. A friend of his was having it hosted by the company he worked for. Therefor, selling the site meant nothing actually, both the domain name and the site would still belong to that company, which left the guy who finally bought the domain name from Mallard screwed, and that money payed for Mallard's tuition into college (notice it was just the right amount). The simplest scam in the whole world. Qbasic.com still belongs to Mallard, and he does plan on one day returning when college is finished.
Posted by magus on Tuesday, October 24, 2000.

Future Software's having problems
As you might already know if you visit Future Software's forums is that webmaster jordan is having some really bad problems. First the dam server went down and lost half the files for Future Software. Then somebody hacked into his account and changed his password so now he can't log in to reupload the files. He has to wait till the system admin gets back to him with a new password. So I just thought all of you should know why there are broken links and images all over the http://www.qb45.com site.
Posted by magus on Monday, October 23, 2000.

V Planet Updates
V Planet Magazine has updated. A review of Space Commando and two articles were added. The first article discusses the Qlympics and the other talks about the Gaming Gold Awards. Check it out!
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 22, 2000.

QB Cult Magazine
The QB Cult Magazine's Issue 5 has finally been released! Its not a very big issue but the owner promises a bigger issue next month.
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 22, 2000.

Major Qbasic Site & Alliance
I really can't give much information about this yet but expect an old site that was tossed around by a few webmasters to have a big turn around as it is being redone and written by a few of the big qbasic webmasters. Magus (Me, Head of qbasicnews.com), Chaoticmass (Owner of SiA and administrater at Neobasic) and ShadowMaster (Owner of shadowcorps) are taking on this project. This qbasic site should revolutionize how qbasic sites are today. This site will be looking at a totally different aspect and should really stand out in the community. I cant really give you any more informaton now but keep checking back for its release.
Posted by magus on Saturday, October 21, 2000.

Files lost @ qb45.com :(
Due to the recent server crash (see the other newsarticle down below), some of the files at the Future Software site have been deleted. The total damage is around 150 megs, so that will take some time to upload, also because the slow-ass server isn't optimal for uploading...
I *do* have everything backup, so stay tuned.
Posted by Jordan on Friday, October 20, 2000.

Qlympics '01 Opened!
Yes thats why there has been very little news here. We have been busy working on the Qlympics 2001 scripts. Heres a little information on the Qlympics:

The Qlympics at Neozones never really took off, so we're making a fresh start. If you've got a program in qbasic that you want to show off, the submission deadline is December 31th, 2000, so send those programs in! Voting will begin on January 10th, 2001. There is a brief period of time between the submission deadline and the voting date because we have to check each file for it's integrity.

The address for the Qlympics is http://qlympics.qbasicnews.com/ So if you have made something in qbasic go submit it! Also webmasters please link to the site so we can get more submissions and make it a funner game.

Posted by magus on Friday, October 20, 2000.

Server Down Time
Yesterday Qbasic News (qbasicnews.com) (its hosted sites: QB top 100, qlympics '01) and Future Software (qb45.com) were down for mostly the whole day. Future Software is still having some problems with deleted files but Qbasic News is back to normal! I still don't know whats causing the server problems.
Posted by magus on Friday, October 20, 2000.

BudFish Software
Few days late posting this but better then never. BufFish Software has redone their page design. You can check out there page here.
Posted by magus on Wednesday, October 18, 2000.

Limp Bizkit...
The popular yet amazingly crappy band Limp Bizkit comes out with another suprisingly crappy album tomarrow. The crappy cd is called Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog ... whatever. The point is Limp Bizkit sucks. They're sellouts, they're conformists, and they're feeding the media what it wants to hear, despite the fact that their music sucks. Man, what a crappy band. Don't buy their crappy cd because it's crap. Don't support conformists. And if I hear you humming a crappy limp bizkit song i'll beat you till you bleed.
Posted by Xec96 on Monday, October 16, 2000.

V Planet
V Planet Magazine has been updated and now hosted by our affiliate hulla-balloo! So now to get to V Planet you need to goto http://www.hulla-balloo.com/vplanet/index.shtml . They added a new review, article and a game guide also! So check them out!
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 15, 2000.

QQN Updates
QQN has had some new additions the last few days I just never got around to posting them so I thought I would add them all here.

- New forum Feature: Cookies to remember name & email
- Copyright statment has been changed. (For legal reasons I must post that it is changed)
- Interview of WisdomDude by Wildcard.
- Job Openings Page Added.

Posted by magus on Sunday, October 15, 2000.

Dark Legends Software
I received this from AlienQB:

I just wanted to inform you that Dark Legends Software does not exist, and that IŽve returned to QB again. My C/C++ effords was a complete waste of time, and IŽve realized that C/C++ is not the right thing for me to do. QB is so much more fun - and even better - a community.

Anyway, IŽm back and IŽll probably form a coding team with the former Dark Legends member William Moores, still to be named - and weŽll keep everyone updated about our upcoming projects.

Darklegends.com will not be relaunched, but totally shut-down.
Posted by magus on Saturday, October 14, 2000.

Lutasarts No More
Lutasarts Productions closed their site down today. Philip Lutas is tired of updating his site and is moving on to better things. You can find his closing message here.

QB sites closing down seems to be a recent fad with the recent departure of Lost Sock and now this. Is the qmunity dying? Within the last decade we've certainly accomplished a lot... we broke the barriers of sound blaster sound, lightning fast graphics routines, EMS/XMS, console-quality games, and the soon to be multiplayer gaming. I don't know about you, but I think I'll stick around with QB for a bit. It may not be the most powerful language but we've broken nearly boundary there is. The only one I can forsee is that it's built around DOS. While I love DOS to death, DOS will obviously not be around forever. Maybe if someone can make a QB interpreter for windows or mac it would be more popular.
Posted by Xec96 on Friday, October 13, 2000.

Another FS Update
Woohoo! I got the net today at a friends so im posting this there. Anyway Future Software has changed there welcome page thingy. It lookts better I think. They removed the flash introduction and made a simple but professional looking page. Theres also room for more content. Anyway check it out here.
Posted by magus on Friday, October 13, 2000.

Two More Updates For QB Expo
The 2000 QB Expo, which launched in September 2000, will officially end on October 31, 2000. During that time there will be two more Expo updates, which are still unscheduled.
The 2000 QB Expo will remain online until QB Expo 2001. In the meantime, Expo Sponsor V Planet will immediately start the nomination procedures for the 2nd Annual QB Gaming Gold Awards after the QB Expo ends.
Posted by Vance on Thursday, October 12, 2000.

Future Software Update
If you havn't seen it yet, Future Software has updated a few days ago with a few new file additions. Check it out here.
Posted by Xec96 on Wednesday, October 11, 2000.

No News?
Im not going to be able to post news for about 5 days since my computer is in the shop getting a new hard drive. I will try hard to get one the internet from somewhere else to post stuff but if I cant this will be news less for a few days.

Hopefully the other people with news posting capabilitys will read this and post some stuff for me.
Posted by magus on Wednesday, October 11, 2000.

Goodbye to LSS
Lock Sock Software has closed down. They left this on their website about it.

The entity once known as Lost socK software has closed its doors forever. It seems that certain people in this damned scene can't keep their promises to friends who had helped them out in times of need. How the high and mighty forget those who made them what they are. Oh well. We're closed. Go away.

Read Gopus' "Qbasic Inqurier" article on this matter titled: LLS Closing, Marcade blamed..
Posted by magus on Tuesday, October 10, 2000.

LockSock Software
DS4QB Revision 3 has been released! Sound effects have had a DRAMATIC increase in speed (although STILL not perfect) and the code has been cleaned up quite a bit.

Some other news too...LSS's first "adult game" has a second release available...also, on the LSS website is a new document called "Decisions", be sure to read it if you've ever had anything at all to do with WOS (fan, developer, etc). Check it out here!

Posted by magus on Monday, October 9, 2000.

Qb Variety
The well known Qbasic Variety of Qb Community has joined forces with Qbasic News! Qbasic Variety is now hosted and part of Qbasic News so come check it out! It contains the Qbasic Inquirer, Ask Mary, Qbcomics and more! Click here of click Qbasic Variety in the left menu under features.

Posted by magus on Monday, October 9, 2000.

Qbasic Inquirer
The qbasic inquirer has released a article on Merlin, of Master Creating. Check it out here.
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 8, 2000.

Astro Trance
A new version of Astro Trance is available here. The files 6mb and contains all the development files except PDS. The author is working on alpha blending routine and using DS4QB at the moment. There is not much in the way of new levels, but they should be working on those soon.

Posted by magus on Sunday, October 8, 2000.

Qbasic Gamer!
The first issue of an all new qbasic magazine has been released! It's called Qbasic Gamer. It contains articles, reviews and previews and a little programming help section. So be sure to check it out here!
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 8, 2000.

Qlympics '01 Progress
I have finished the submission script to add your programs but I am still working on a page design for the Qlympics and am having a little trouble getting something good so it might be another week before it gets started.

Also for all those who do not know the Qlympics are basically like an olympics for qbasic programs. People come and rate other peoples things and after a few months we see whos on top with the best ranking in each category. Dont worry, there fun to do!
Posted by magus on Friday, October 6, 2000.

Future Software news
Stefan left the Future Software team. He is now programming in C++, he made a cool bot for Halflife: CounterStrike.
Eric Cowles (aka 1010001 aka binaryboy) joined the Future Software team. His project FarQB was added to the website.
To go to the Future Software website, click here!
Posted by Jordan on Thursday, October 5, 2000.

2d/3d graphic artists/modelers
2d/3d graphic artists/modelers needed for 3d game.

The game is a 3d action adventure game, the story and design has been done but is been kept under wraps until the first demo.

Email hydro28@hotmail.com for more information
Posted by magus on Wednesday, October 4, 2000.

V Planet Updates
V Planet Magazine has added a couple reviews and a few articles. One covers the creation of their new links page and another covers the new record they beat.. to find out about it click here!
Posted by magus on Tuesday, October 3, 2000.

Master Creating
Merlin of Master Creating has created a walk-through for their popular game Shadow Of Power. This game still gets over 250 downloads a week and more and more people have been bugging him for one so he made one. You can get to it here.
Posted by magus on Tuesday, October 3, 2000.

QBInquirer / Comics
QBInquirer/Comics have been archived, zipped up, and put in the Miscellaneous section of Neobasic's FILE's section. There are about 80 entries altogether, created by gopus, Josh, Xmark, Skarab, Majiko, 5h4d0w, Wafn, noaliens, chilliwilli, qbmrk, and others I may have forgotten.

Subjects include qb inquirer, comics, ask mary, tutorials, articles from a qb mag that QBMRK was going to create, tutorials, and various others.

Going monthly. If you'd like to add articles/comics/anything else for next month's archived publication, go to the web adress that hosts it at http://qbc.tekscode.com/qbv.php3.
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 1, 2000.

Wildcards Column
Wildcard has submitted his second issue to his column to QQN. It talks about music in games with affects, functions and usage discussions. You can read that issue of his column here. Expect a new issue every week!
Posted by magus on Sunday, October 1, 2000.