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Dav (Fri Mar 21 2014 at 10:32 am)
Re: Dav IDE

Hi JoMo.  Welcome to the forum. 

Thanks for the feedback on my IDE.  The QB64 IDE is much better in my opinion, but it does appear to misbehave on some systems.  I'm glad that my IDE has been a help to some of those users.

The Auto-Indent in DavsIDE is kind of limited currently - and I should have stated better in the read-me what does get auto-indented.  Right now the IDE only does what I call drop-down auto-indenting, meaning when you press ENTER the cursor will auto-indent to the same column where the previous line text started.

For example, if you press three space and type PRINT, then when hitting ENTER to go the next line the IDE will auto-indent 3 spaces on the new line, placing the cursor in the same column where the previous PRINT started.  This is the way the Qbasic IDE does it.

'threee spaces below

There is no option to turn this ON/OFF in the IDE setings.  As the IDE matures the Auto-indenting features will improve. I'm actually working on a code beautifier option for the IDE right now.  Selecting 'beautfy code' will Autoindent all the code correctly.

- Dav

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