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John M (Sun Jul 20 2014 at 8:28 am)
Interacting with other Applications

This is an intermediate/advanced question.  I'm developing an application which allows for multilanguage entry for other applications (editors, web browsers, etc.).
1.  How do I create a list of running applications for my application to interact with?
2.  How do I select the hook for that app, so I can selectively send my keyboard input?  So if Word and Firefox are running, I want to send the Russian text to Firefox, not Word.

And for a slightly more advanced app, I'm familiar with _SCREENPRINT and _SCREENCLICK.
3.  Having a targeted app, how do I capture the window image to make use of the MOUSE and SCREEN functions?  Specifically, to click on a button in another application.  Or,
4.  Is there a lower level way to query the active elements in an application to activate it?
5.  This is just a quick thought, if I get the hook for the app, can I _SCREENPRINT a series of tabs to highlight the selected element then use a _SCREENCLICK?  Or is the screenclick event tied to a specific location?

Thanks for your any help or advice you can offer.

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