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 Qbasic FAQ   
I have Windows 95 and I can't find QBasic?
QBasic can be found on the Win95 CD-ROM in the 'OTHER\OLDMSDOS' directory. All you have to do is copy QBASIC.EXE and QBASIC.HLP to your hard drive from the directory.

What does QBasic stand for?
QBasic is Microsoft's version of the popular BASIC programming language. BASIC stands for Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. The Q in QBasic stands for Quick. There are many different versions of BASIC but most have become obsolete. GW-BASIC and BASICA are two examples.

What's the difference between QBasic and QuickBasic?
QBasic and QuickBasic are both released by Microsoft. QBasic is only a QBasic editor, allowing you to write, save, open, and run QBasic programs, but not compile them. On the other hand, QuickBasic is not on a QBasic editor but it is also a QBasic compiler, meaning that it has the ability to convert QBasic files into executable files.

What is an array?
An array is a list of data item inmemory that all have the same name and whose elements are differentiated by a subscript. In simple terms, an array can be anything that is a group of related numbers such as prices, phone numbers, catalog order numbers and the list goes on and on.

Why do we need arrays ?
From the beginning of the computer, programmers like to "cheat". This means that they try to make the computer do as much as possible, which makes the code for a program much shorter. Arrays can be huge, and what person wants to input each individual variable. This is why we need to "cheat" and use arrays to our advantage.

How can I create random numbers that aren't always the same when I start the program?
Inlude the statement RANDOMIZE TIMER somewhere before the RND function

What is modular programming? How do I modularize a program?
Quick Basic has several features to help you create programs that are organized in a logical and structured manner. This style of programming is often referred to as "modular" programming. There are many advantages to modular programming; the most important advantage is that the logic of a modular program is clearer.
A modular program is structured in such a way that the various functional blocks of source code are isolated in separate procedures. This makes it easy to reuse particular procedures in other programming projects and greatly simplifies debugging. In a modular program, problems can be quickly isolated to a given procedure. The procedure can then be tested and debugged separately, without you having to consider the remainder of the program.
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