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Another World Memory Game
A combination of two classic games, albeit two different games. If you are a fan of Another World or Memory Games grab this quickly, even if you're not ;-).
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 Qbasic Tutorials   
Heres a bunch of tutorials that RadioHands (Contact him with your questions) has made. I got exclusive premission to use them all here so read them or do what ever with them.

Tutorial 10 This tutorial makes up for tutorial # 9!  This is the biggest tutorial.  It covers RPG making and designing.  This is the first edition.  I plan to write another one covering a different kind of rpg (more advanced).
Tutorial 11 This tutorial is very simple...  It covers how to set up SUB files in QBasic...  This is very important for newbies to learn DON'T OVERLOOK THESE!!!
Tutorial 12 ASM!!!  This tutorial covers very briefly assembly programming...  In the next tutorial, I plan to cover how to include ASM in Qbasic programs without using librarys...
Tutorial 13 Finally!!  How to add ASM to your Qbasic programs!  In this tutorial it covers the basics of using simple ASM in qbasic.  I will eventually get very advanced with ASM and QB, but for now, I would try to learn this...
Tutorial 14 This Tutorial Covers 2D rotation... It doesn't really teach you how things are rotated, it just teaches you how you can rotate things... This coincides with the HAW method of 3d programming... Only much esier...
Tutorial 15
My library
In this Tutorial, you learn how to use a qbasic library... This tutorial teaches you by using the one I made, but can be easilly converted to use other libraries...   In the next tutorial, I plan to teach you how to make your own library...  !!NOTICE!! You need qbasic 4.5 or higher to use programming libraries... 
Tutorial 16 This is the biggest tutorial to date...  It covers how to make your own qbasic library.  This is very detailed and covers a variety of things...  In this tutorial it uses the ASM way to make a library...
Tutorial 17 This is my most H/A tutorial... I am really sorry...  I wouldn't even bother reading this unless you are really really bored, I just need to get back into the feel of releasing tutors again...  It covers how Qbasic is like and not like other languages...
Tutorial 18 This tutor covers how to make more than one intance of a sprite... 3d and 2d...  so that each sprite has a mind of thier own...

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