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.How to Use Menus and Commandsi

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  Tip: The Reference Bar at the bottom of the screen always contains help
       about the most useful commands in each QuickBASIC context. If the
       command name has angle brackets around it, it can be executed from
       the Reference Bar by choosing it with the mouse.
  Use the Menu Bar at the top of the screen to tell QuickBASIC what to do.
Menu Action             With a mouse...             With a keyboard...
Pull down a menu        Move mouse cursor to        Press and release ALT to
                        menu name, then press       highlight menu letters,
                        and release ("click")       then press letter key
                        the left mouse button.      for menu you want.
Choose a command        Move mouse cursor to        Press letter key that
                        command name and            matches the highlighted
                        click                       letter on the command.
Cancel a command        Move mouse cursor out-      Press ESC
                        side menu and click