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.How to Use a Dialog Boxi

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Dialog boxes appear immediately after you choose a command in some cases.
旼컴컴컴컴컴컴Save As컴컴컴컴컴컴
                                    The dialog box pictured at the
File Name: 굇굇굇굇굇굇            left gives you the chance to
                                    input three items:
Dirs/Drives         Format           a file name
굇굇굇굇굇    굇 QuickBASIC        a disk drive or directory
굇굇굇굇굇    굇                   a choice between two file formats
굇굇굇굇굇    굇 Text       
쳐컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴캑컴훃se the choices below this line to:
     굇       굇       굇          execute the command
읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸      cancel the command, or
                                        display help about the dialog box.
Dialog Box Action      With a mouse...             With a keyboard...
Select an input area   Move the mouse cursor to    Press TAB repeatedly
                       a characteristic shape      until the cursor is in
                       within the dialog box.      the area you want.
  Tip: Input areas within a dialog box are marked by a rectangle, a list of
       items within a box, a pair of brackets, or a pair of parentheses.
Choose an item from    Highlight the item by       Highlight the item by
a list                 moving the mouse and then   pressing the DIRECTION
                       press the left mouse        keys and then press
                       button twice in             ENTER.
Choose an option       Move the mouse cursor       Move the bullet with
(place a bullet        between the parentheses     the DIRECTION keys
between a pair of      and click the left
parentheses)           button.
Turn a check box on    Move the mouse cursor       Use TAB to move the
or off                 between the square          cursor between the square
                       brackets and click          brackets, then press the
Choose a command       Move the mouse cursor       Use TAB to move the
button                 between the angle           cursor between the
                       brackets and click          angle brackets and press