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.END Statement Details.

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END Statement Details
  Statement      Description
  END DEF        Ends a multiline DEF FN function definition. You
                 must use END DEF with a multiline DEF FN.
  END FUNCTION   Ends a FUNCTION procedure definition. You must use
                 END FUNCTION with FUNCTION.
  END IF         Ends a block IF...THEN...ELSE statement. You must
                 use END IF with block IF...THEN...ELSE.
  END SELECT     Ends a SELECT CASE block. You must use END SELECT
                 with a SELECT CASE statement.
  END SUB        Ends a BASIC subprogram. You must use END SUB with
  END TYPE       Ends a user-defined type definition. You must use
                 END TYPE with TYPE.
By itself, the END statement stops program execution and closes
all files. In a stand-alone program, END returns control to the
operating system. When running inside the QuickBASIC environment,
END returns you to that environment.
The compiler always assumes an END statement at the conclusion
of any program, so omitting an END statement at the end of a
program still produces proper program termination.
You may place END statements anywhere in the program to end
program execution.
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