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.INPUT Statement QuickSCREENi

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
INPUT - a device I/O statement that reads input from the keyboard
        during program execution and stores it into a list of variables
    ž variablelist is one or more variables separated by commas
    ž promptstring, if used, is displayed on the screen to tell the user
      of the program what to enter at the keyboard
    ž the characters ";" and "," are Details
See Also  INKEY$
Other Uses of the INPUT Keyword
  LINE INPUT - to read an entire line of input from the keyboard and store
               it in one string variable
  INPUT # - to retrieve data items (or "fields") from a sequential file
            record and store them into a list of variables
  LINE INPUT # - to retrieve an entire record from a sequential file and
                 store it into one string variable
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