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.ON Keyword - Different Usesi

ON Keyword - Different Uses
The ON keyword is used in various statements to trap events:
Specifies a trap          Type of event                    Enables the trap
ON COM(n)         events on communications port n          COM(n) ON
ON KEY(n)         a keystroke on key n                     KEY(n) ON
ON PEN            lightpen events                          PEN ON
ON PLAY(n)        less than n notes in music buffer        PLAY ON
ON STRIG(n)       events on joystick trigger n             STRIG(n) ON
ON TIMER(n)       timer events                             TIMER ON
ON UEVENT         user-defined events                      UEVENT ON
Other uses of the ON keyword are:
ON ERROR - to enable error handling and specify the error-handling routine
ON...GOSUB - to branch to one of a list of subroutines
ON...GOTO  - to branch to one of a list of line labels
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