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.OPEN (File I/O) Statement QuickSCREENi

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
OPEN - a file I/O statement that enables I/O to a file or device
  OPEN file [FOR mode] [ACCESS access] [lock] AS [#]filenum [LEN=reclen]
    ž file is a string expression that specifies an optional device name,
      followed by a file name or path name
    ž mode is one of the following keywords:
RANDOM   Read or write from a random- ³ INPUT   Read only from sequential file
         access file (the default)    ³ OUTPUT  Write to a sequential file
BINARY   Read or write from a binary  ³ APPEND  Write to the end of a
         file                         ³         sequential file
    ž access and lock are Details used only in a networking environment
    ž filenum is an integer expression whose value is between 1 and 255
    ž reclen defaults to 128 for random-access files, to 512 for sequential
      files, and is not needed at all for binary files
Other Uses of the OPEN Keyword
  OPEN mode,[#]filenum,file[,reclen] - an alternate syntax (see Details)
  OPEN COM - to open a communications channel
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