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QB64: Qbasic for Windows

     August 25th, 2011

To die-hard Qbasic coders like me this sounds like a pipe dream - to find a Qbasic-like compiler for Windows. One that takes my old Qbasic programs and not only runs them perfectly but compile them too. But that's exactly what one dedicated Qbasic programmer has achieved. It's called QB64, a new Basic language so close to Qbasic that I've no choice but to say it's the Qbasic for Windows.

QB64 is a Windows/Mac/Linux compiler that translates Qbasic programs code to C++ code and compiles it to executables that will run on modern computers. And it does this very well. Now, thanks to QB64, the Qbasic programs I once abandoned can live again and run better than ever on my Windows 7 PC.

QB64's compatibility with Qbasic programs is great. More than that, it's simply astonishing. Nearly ALL of Qbasic commands are supported, easily making QB64 the most Qbasic compatible language out there (It's hard to find a Qbasic program that won't work in QB64). In addition to Qbasic commands, QB64 provides many NEW commands which modern programmers need and old Qbasic users will welcome.

How about the IDE, you ask? After all, that's what helped make Qbasic so beloved. QB64's "classic" IDE looks almost like Qbasic. It's not as snappy as Qbasic, yet, but it's getting there, and the IDE source (made in QB64) is provided with the compiler. QB64 is the closest thing to getting that "Comfortable Qbasic Coding" feeling than any compiler I've found.

So, If you'd like to re-live the Qbasic glory days and run your old Qbasic programs again, then QB64 it the compiler to use. Just GOTO the QB64 website below for a download and give it a try:


- Dav

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