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  • DavsIDE - Small QB64 IDE. My Alternative IDE for the QB64 Compiler. Displays Extended ASCII characters. Has SyntaxHighlighting, Autocompletion, Autocases Keywords, Autoindents, IDE color schemes. Built-in syntax HELP for all keywords. Read instructions.


Get QB64!

These programs require the FREE QB64 compiler. Grab QB64 Here. You can find my IDE for it Here.

Did you know?

QB64 was made to run Qbasic code on modern computers (PC, Mac, Linux) and does it very well. So in addition to the programs on this page you may also use the Qbasic programs found Here with QB64.

Standard Butt Covering

All programs found here are provided "AS IS" and come with NO support, warrantee or guarantee of any kind. Although they work for me, I do not know how they will work for you. To use them the user must agree to assume all risks for any damages they may cause. I won't be held responsible. To sum it up - you're on your own with these programs. So if while using them your PC blows up, the smoke kills your dog, your eyebrows burn & fall off, and your wife leaves you for the fireman, don't blame me for it.

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