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Stuff I work when I can find the time.

DavsIDE - A Small IDE for QB64

Alternative IDE for the QB64 compiler. You can write, edit, print, compile & run QB64 programs from within it. Displays Extended ASCII characters. Does Syntax highlighting, Autocompletion, Autocases keywords, autoindents lines like QB does. User defined IDE colors. Loads files fast. Built-in syntax HELP for all keywords.

Download: davside-v129.zip (442k) | View: ChangeLog...

XE - A Simple Binary File (HEX) Editor

Made in QB64, XE is a simple binary file editor (also called HEX editor) that lets you View and Edit files in ASCII or HEX mode. This is the compiled version. You can find its source on the QB64 page.

Download: xe.zip (2MB)

PianoSimon - Simon-like memory game on Piano

Made in QB64, PianoSimon is a Simon-like memory game using a piano keyboard. It plays a melody and you try to repeat it. If you can then you win. This is a compiled version. You can find its source on the QB64 page.

Download: pianosimon.zip (2MB)

QB64 Snowman ScreenSaver

Made in QB64, this Snowman ScreenSaver shows a winter scene animation while playing Christmas carols. This is the compiled version. You can find the snowman source on the QB64 page.

Download: qb64snowman.zip (2.8MB)

The DOC - A Dr. Sbaitso Clone made in QB64

Made in QB64, The DOC tries to fake an intelligent conversation with you. Ask The DOC you questions and he will try to solve your problems. Use the FREE eSpeak 'Text to Speech' engine and The DOC will talk to you with a real voice!

Download: doc.zip (2MB)

FileView Pro v1.0

FileView Pro - my poor attempt at using QB to make a useful file viewer for many type files. It's supposed to work like QuickView Pro, if you know that DOS program. FV Views and edits any size binary file up to 2 gigabytes, views text files, views BMP/GIF/PCX/JPG files, plays FLI/FLC animations, plays WAV/SND/CMF/MID sound files. Deletes/Copies files. View/edit any file in binary mode. Source code is not included.

Download: fv.zip (103k)

BASC - A BASIC Compiler

This is an old project I might reawaken. It's a QB compatible BASIC compiler made in QB. It actually makes standalone EXE's, but right now the resulting EXE's can do very little. So, if it's worthless, why am I sharing it? I'm just putting it up here for kicks, and to show that it is possible to make a QB compiler in QB. If there's intrest, I might port it to FreeBasic. The source code is not included here.

Download: basc.zip (160k)

CatChat CHAT Server/Client

A full-featured Chat Server & Client made using RapidQ. This is my attempt at making a Leahcim type chat, such as the one this site uses here. It has many of the same features - such as registered users, Notes, Private message, etc. I made it to talk to my family over the internet who is scattered around the country. We've had seven online at once and it worked well. I will put it up for download when testing is complete.

Download: catchat.zip (750k)

SAYTIME - Talking Clock/Alarm

Another project made with the RapidQ Basic compiler. This little program sits in the system tray and announces the time every 15 minutes. If you set the alarm, TARZAN will yell for you! A single EXE requiring no installation, SAYTIME is a very simple program to use. It's a nice little thing to add to the startup folder.

Download: saytime.zip (576k)

SmallWeb: Small & Easy Web Server

Need a small & easy to use HTTP web server? Try SmallWeb - a small 22k program requiring no installation or setup. Run from anywhere on your pc - even a floppy disk! Put all your site files (html, gif/jpg, zip, etc) into the same place and just start the program. It's that easy! No special configuration is needed. Allows up to 255 connections at any one time. Requires a Windows 95 or greater system connected to the internet. Comes with sample start page (index.html) and 404 error page (404.html) and instructions (smallweb.txt).

Download: smallweb.zip (13k)

Windows QuickBasic Knowledge Base

Many have found the DOS QB Knowledge base found here very valuable. Unfortunately, some cannot make it work on their windows systems (I did not make the DOS version). So, to help these poor QB addicts have an offline QBKB, I've created this version of the QBKB for Win95 or higher. No installation is needed - just run as is.

Download: winqbkb.exe (2.4MB)


Standard Butt Covering

All programs found here are provided "AS IS" and come with NO support, warrantee or guarantee of any kind. Although they work for me, I do not know how they will work for you. To use them the user must agree to assume all risks for any damages they may cause. I won't be held responsible. To sum it up - you're on your own with these programs. So if while using them your PC blows up, the smoke kills your dog, your eyebrows burn & fall off, and your wife leaves you for the fireman, don't blame me for it.

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