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Qbasic & QB45 Resources

Image Loaders

  • 320x200, 8-bit BMP viewer - Version A. This BMP viewer is for 320x200, 256 color uncompressed BMP's only and is very small in size. It plots every single pixel though, so it's kind of slow.
  • 320x200, 8-bit BMP viewer - Version B. This is the FAST version of my 320x200, 256 color uncompressed BMP viewer. It loads a BMP instantly thanks to an ASM routine and this code is also quite small in size.
  • 320x200, 24-bit BMP viewer. This small code shows how to load a 24-bit, uncompressed 320x200 BMP in SCREEN 13. It's not particularly fast, but it is small and easy to use.
  • 640x480, 16-color BMP viewer. A BMP loader for SCREEN 12. Loads 640x480, 16-color BMP's.
  • 640x480, 8-bit BMP viewer- Version A. This code loads a 640x480, 256-color uncompressed BMP in Qbasic or QB45 using some nifty ASM routines. This is kind of slow as it plots every pixel, but the program is relatively small for what it does. A VESA capable video card required.
  • 640x480, 8-bit BMP viewer - Version B. This is the FAST version of a 640x480, 256-color uncompressed BMP viewer. It loads the BMP instatly thanks to a cool ASM MemCopy routine. For Qbasic or QB45.
  • 640x480, 24-bit BMP viewer. This program will load a 24-bit, uncompressed 640x480 BMP in Qbasic or QB45. It uses some ASM rountines. It's not super fast, but it's small in size. Requires VESA capable video card.
  • 640x480, 8-bit color PCX viewer. Small program that loads a 256 color, 640x480 PCX. For Qbasic or QB45. Uses some ASM. Requires a VESA capable video card.

Image Savers

  • SCREEN 13 to COM program. This little code saves the currently displayed SCREEN 13 image to a self-displaying COM program that when executed will display the saved image. The COM will contain all image data + pallette and can be compressed with programs like PKLITE.
  • Capture SCREEN 13 to DRAW statements. This SUB will capture an area of SCREEN 13 and save it as a BAS program containing DRAW statements that when run will re-draw the same screen area. Pallette data is also saved if you need that feature also.
  • Save BMP to DRAW statements. Using a BMP loader and the DRAW capture program above, this program will load a SCREEN 13 ready BMP and save it as DRAW statements.
  • Save SCREEN 13 to Image file. This single SUB will dump the currently displayed SCREEN 13 image to one of many popular image formats, including RAW, BMP/DIB, TIF, TGA, PCX, GIF, RAS, PBM, WMF, CLP (Clipboard image), Self-display COM and BSV (BSAVEd file). Note: Several of the image dumping routines I adapted from public domain sources and are not originaly by me. Read the credits in the code.

Graphics programs

  • Easy Screen Fading routines. This little SUB will fade out the screen to a give RGB color. It's easy to use and fading speed can be controled.
  • Pop-up windows for SCREEN 13. This is an exploding and translucent pop-up window routine for SCREEN 13. Windows can pop in & out while preserving the background. Several styles of windows offered. Note: The translucent routine used is adapted from another author. Read the credits.
  • A Fast FLI Animation player. The fastest Qbasic FLI viewer I could come up with. This plays FLI's very fast thanks to an ASM MemCopy routine, and by loading frame packs in chunks instead of byte-by-byte as other FLI players do. Note: I adapted this version from studying Qbasic FLI players from several other authors. Please read the credits.
  • Simple SVGA Routines for Qbasic. I threw this together for those of you who want a small and easy way to add SVGA capabilities to your programs. Contains SVGA versions of PRINT, LINE, CIRCLE, BOX, GET, PUT, POINT, SCREEN, CLS. For 256 color SVGA modes only. You need a VESA capable video card of course. Note: I adapted public domian QB45 source for a small portion of this program. Please read the credits.
  • RLE Encoding demo. A small tutorial in source code that explains and shows how to use Run-Length-Encoding by encoding and loading back a complete SCREEN 13 image.
  • "The Great Pumpkin" screen saver. While home alone and very bored last October 31st, I decided to quickly throw together this screen saver of a great pumpkin flying across the pumpkin patch for one of my favorite cartoon characters to enjoy.


  • Convert Binary files to BAS script. This will take a binary file and make BAS code that when run will re-create the Binary file again - like Post It! does. You can post the BAS code on a forum and share small files this way.
  • Binary file Viewer & Editor. A powerful little program that can view and edit any file up to 2 gigabytes. Has a filter option for viewing and somewhat crude but fast string search capability.
  • File Splitter & Joiner. I made this to tranfer lage files from my desktop to laptop using 1.4MB floppies. It spilts a large file to smaller parts and then rejoins them again making the same big file. It's come in handy many times. Read the comments for instructions.


  • Background CMF Music Player. This code can play most CMF music files in the background without the need for any sound driver. It's not my creation but really just my very simplified version a public domain CMF player by an anonymous author. You need a true SOUNDBLASTER sound card with an FM chip to hear anything. If it works for you, then here's Six More CMF songs to use with it.
  • A 'Boom' FM sound effect. Here's a little piece of code that produces a small explosion sound through your soundcard, if you have a soundcard with an FM chip -- If so you're lucky, and your card is stinking old.


  • Make COMMAND$ return true command-line. This code is a permanent patch for QB45 only to make COMMAND$ always return the true command line switches -- preserving lowercase & uppercase. This fix patches QB.EXE and the BCOM45.LIB and IS PERMANENT! -- So make sure you make backups first. Please be carefull and read the commented instructions first!
  • Force Full-Screen DOS Box. This small Qbasic code forces a full-screen DOS box when run under windows. Uses an ASM routine, and should be called only while running windows and not from pure DOS or your PC may lock up. [Fails on Win NT]
  • Detect Windows Clipboard. This small code uses ASM to see if the Windows Clipboard is available and ready for use. Could be used as a windows detection method for the 'Full-Screen DOS Box' code above. [Fails on Win NT]
  • Stock Watcher program. This is a porfolio manager I threw together to watch a few stocks and compute exactly the profit/loss based on the current price minus fees. Requires QB45.
  • Append Data to an .EXE. This tutorial shows how one can append some data onto the end of a compiled QB program, such as a BMP image, and have the compiled program use such data when it runs.

QB45 Libraries

NOTE: These libraries are only for QuickBasic 4.5.
  • FLILIB - Version 1.0 (6k). This small QB45 library is for playing FLI animations smoothly. The library is coded in ASM using the A86 assembler. It comes with the QLB & LIB files and sample BAS code to show how to use the Library.

  • FLI & WAV Library (239k). This Library can play a FLI animation and a WAV file at the same time! Now your QB programs can play video *with* sound thanks to a DMA background WAV player. Can also be used as just a seperate FLI or WAV file player. Comes with the QLB/LIB files and sample BAS code to show how to use the Library and sample WAV & FLI files to use.

QB Tools & Resources

  • The QuickBasic Knowledge Base. This is a MUST HAVE for any serious QB coder. It's the entire QB knowledge base - with viewer and search engine. It contains articles of QB bug reports, technical info and a wealth of code examples explaining just about everything QB can do, and was the same information used by Microsoft when customers called in for technical support. The QBKB documents are in Public Domain and come with no support.

    Download the QBKB - DOS version (1.39 MB)

    Download the QBKB - Windows version (2.30 MB)

  • HELP MAKE. A little utility by microsoft that can let you customize (or create) the QB help file. With this you can de-compile QB's help file, add your own topics/code examples, then re-compile it with the changes. Put your most oftenly used routines in QB's help file for quick coding! Be sure to read the READ.ME file for instructions.


Programs Info

Most of the programs here will work with Qbasic, but a few are for QuickBasic only. Please read the instructions before using them.

Need Help with Qbasic?

Having problems with your Qbasic programs? Help is just a click away. Ask your questions at the forum and I'll be glad to help, if I can. Also, the great QBKB is full of helpful info. Use it to find the exact QB info you need.

Standard Butt Covering

All programs found here are provided "AS IS" and come with NO support, warrantee or guarantee of any kind. Although they work for me, I do not know how they will work for you. To use them the user must agree to assume all risks for any damages they may cause. I won't be held responsible. To sum it up - you're on your own with these programs. So if while using them your PC blows up, the smoke kills your dog, your eyebrows burn & fall off, and your wife leaves you for the fireman, don't blame me for it.

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