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QuickBasic Libraries

  • FLILIB -Version 1.0 (6k). This small QB45 library is for playing FLI animations smoothly. The library is coded in ASM using the A86 assembler. It comes with the QLB & LIB files and sample BAS code to show how to use the Library.

  • FLI & WAV Library (239k). This Library can play a FLI animation and a WAV file at the same time! Now your QB programs can play video *with* sound thanks to a DMA background WAV player. Can also be used as just a seperate FLI or WAV file player. Comes with the QLB/LIB files and sample BAS code to show how to use the Library and sample WAV & FLI files to use.

About the Libraries

These libraries are for the QB45 compiler. Libraries are simply collections of routines which you can use in addition to QB's built-in commands. To use these Libraries within the QB IDE you, must load them like: QB /L libname.qlb

The libraries come with examples and instructions.

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