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Frequently Asked Questions

"How and why was this site made?"

This Qbasic site was made with Qbasic! That's right, every page of this site was hand-coded using MS-DOS Editor which is actually part of Qbasic.exe! (Try starting Qbasic like: Qbasic.exe /EDIT). My goal in designing this site was to make it fast loading, easy on the eyes, original and useful to QBasic programmers. As for the why part - this site is here for you. I also wanted to design a site and have a home on the web.

"What's the QuickBasic Knowledge Base? Who wrote it?"

The QuickBasic Knowledge Base is a huge collection of technical documents used when people called Microsoft for QB support. Such support was discontinued long ago and the documents (now in public domain) are freely available. They come with no support, however, but are a great source of information. They're assembled here with a simple search engine. If you need a 'QBKB to go' version, you can find it on the Tools page.

"What's the difference between Qbasic & QuickBasic?"

A big difference. Qbasic is an interpreter (Qbasic.exe) that comes along free with DOS & Windows. It can only run .BAS code - not compile them to .EXE programs. QuickBasic (QB) is the compiler package that was sold separately. QB has several advantages over Qbasic - the main one being that it can make standalone .EXE programs. I'm one of those who actually bought QB when it was sold in stores long ago, and have been a die-hard fan of it ever since.

"Will you add my Qbasic programs here?"

Maybe -- if they're quality programs, small enough, and can't be found at other places on the net then I will surely consider adding them here. My focus with this site is putting up good original Qbasic programs that need a home. If that describes your programs then we can talk about it.


So, you didn't see your question answered here? Maybe you need to contact me about it. If there's a problem with this site then I would like to know. If you are thinking of doing that then let me direct you the Contact page first. Thanks.

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Additional Info

Programs used in the making of this site are: Qbasic, Paint Shop Pro 3.11 shareware, HTML tidy, LeechFTP, FlatForum. This site was made with 100% FREE services. Even the pizza & drinks devoured while making it were free.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to wildcard at QbasicNews.com for hosting this site. And to Plasma at Phatcode.net for the great forum. Also, thanks to all in the Qbasic scene who strive to keep such an outdated programming language alive. It's truly a labor of love which I do share with you all.

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