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Qbasic Tools & Resources

  • The QuickBasic Knowledge Base. This is a MUST HAVE for any serious QB coder. It's the entire QB knowledge base - with viewer and search engine. It contains articles of QB bug reports, technical info and a wealth of code examples explaining just about everything QB can do, and was the same information used by Microsoft when customers called in for technical support. The QBKB documents are in Public Domain and come with no support.

    Download the QBKB - DOS version (1.39 MB)

    Download the QBKB - Windows version (2.30 MB)

  • HELP MAKE. A little utility by microsoft that can let you customize (or create) the QB help file. With this you can de-compile QB's help file, add your own topics/code examples, then re-compile it with the changes. Put your most oftenly used routines in QB's help file for quick coding! Be sure to read the READ.ME file for instructions.

The Online QBKB is here!

The entire QuickBasic Knowledge Base is now online for your viewing pleasure. Use the built-in search feature to find the exact QB info you need. Offline versions of the QBKB are available for download here.

Go now to the online QBKB!

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