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Big News!

New QB64 section added! Check out my QB64 resources for that cool new Qbasic compiler.


Hello and welcome to Dav's Qbasic Site - my personal collection of Qbasic, QuickBasic & QB64 resources. I maintain this site as a service to the internet community, and because I have nothing better to do.

What you will find here...

Here you'll find programs & tools for Qbasic/QB45 and the new QB64 compiler. There's also an open Forum dedicated to programming. If you need advanced QB help, be sure to check out the QBKB. A few of my Projects can be found here as well. There's a little More here, so please look around. Sign the GuestBook if you so desire.


Special thanks to wildcard at www.qbasicnews.com for hosting this site. And to Galleon at QB64.net for making such a great compiler.

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Need help with QB? Ask at the Forum or use the QBKB! Answers to questions about this site may be found on the FAQ page. Always check the News page for the very latest site information.

Online QBKB is here!

The entire QuickBasic Knowledge Base is now online for your viewing pleasure. Use the built-in search feature to find the exact QB info you need. Offline versions of the QBKB are available for download Here.

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